Shot Blasting – Mechanical Floor Preparation

Shot Blasting: for producing proper concrete profiles (CSP) required for receiving either an epoxy coating or in some cases a self-levelling underlayment.

Shot blasting or commonly known as BLASTRAC is a process which launches propulsion balls on the slab. For the realization of suitable concrete profiles (CSP) necessary to receive either an epoxy coating, or in certain cases a self-leveling underlayer.

  • Strip floors: paint removal, concrete laitance, markings on the ground (buildings, roads, glues) in order to maximize the adhesion of the following coating (paint, leveling, resin, etc.).
  • Regenerate and increase grip: airport runway, paving soiled by the passage of forklifts.
  • Give an aesthetic effect on asphalt (aging effect on this support, enhancement of the aggregate incorporated in the mixture) and asphalt (removal of the bitumen binder on the surface in order to bring out the aggregate).

These are projections on the ground of steel microbeads (1.5 to 2 mm) at very high speed, in a closed circuit and under suction. So sanding without projection or dust.


Result before and after.